I'm Bianca Jacobsohn

Language Professional | Copy Editor | Bilingual communications specialist

I am a seasoned English mother tongue language professional and communications specialist with extensive in-the-field experience in energy, finance and diplomacy.

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Bianca Jacobsohn
What I do

My services include:

Proofreading, copyediting and quality enhancement

Bringing the spark back into your content
Need a fresh eye and a sharp mind? Send me your English-language documents for a healthy boost by bring your key points to the fore, tightening the "nuts and bolts" (punctuation, spacing, consistency, crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s, light typography, etc.), to make your content flow and sing.

French-into-English translation

"Better than the original!"
I view the translation process as a partnership between translator and client and have a successful track record working with large corporations, SMEs, NGOs, communication agencies, production houses and consulting firms.

French<>English interpreting

Putting people at ease
My training and experience cover both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, whether on site or remotely (RSI). I am comfortable working with people of all backgrounds, nationalities and thrive in challenging and high-pressure environments. TECH
Communication is in my blood

A little bit about me...

From my family of writers, journalists, artists, musicians and language teachers, I have inherited an insatiable curiosity for knowledge, an incurable love for words, a dogged perseverance for precision, and a knack for quality and aesthetics. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and two Master of Arts degrees in Translation & Interpreting (Johannesburg + Strasbourg), and worked as an in-house translation consultant for six years in Paris before flying solo in 2014.

What's in a name?

My grandmother Dorothy (“Dot”) Jacobsohn was a decorated morse transcoder in South Africa under General Jan Smuts during the Second World War. The company name On The Dot Comm is in her honour.


What other people are saying

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Sonia Sbalbi – Investor Relations – Communications Financières Natixis

I had the pleasure of working with Bianca for many years for the translation of regulatory documents (universal registration document and annual results). I particularly appreciated her skills as a translator, her total commitment to the work, her professionalism, and search for perfection by seeking to understand the most complex of financial terms. And above all, her kindness and good nature!”

Capucine Dupuy

“Bianca and I have worked together on the English-language adaptations of my communication comics. Bianca really knows how to transcreate humour, and especially the extremely tricky art of wordplay! This is on top of her thoroughness and professionalism.”

“Thank you so very much, we are very happy with the quality of the translation! I think it’s the best translation Sherpa has ever had.”

Chris Williams, Head of Pre Operations Sellafield Ltd

"During my time with the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) I was incredibly fortunate to have Bianca interpreting for me. Highly effective, speedy and accurate in what is both a technical and people related subject. A true professional, dedicated and great to work with... 5 star review from me every time."

Guillaume Pitron, journaliste et réalisateur
Guillaume Pitron, Journalist & Filmmaker

Of the eight professionals who translated my book, Bianca Jacobsohn was the most demanding and the most enthusiastic. Finding exactly the right word, constantly seeking out the style that best fits the narrative, her availability to accommodate my expectations while scrupulously sticking to the deadlines are her great qualities. I could take on that six-month period of work with confidence and peace of mind. I can only recommend Bianca Jacobsohn’s work.”

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Revue Marine & Océans

“Thank you for this superb translation. It’s really enjoyable to read, which is so important.”

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